Development Update #2: demo feedback

Three months ago, we have released a pre-alpha demo version of Myriads: Renaissance on various platforms (IndieDB,, GameJolt) and forums (CanardPC) in order to get the very first feedback about the game. This version of the game was only covering the city-building and management part and large parts of the game are still under development. If you are curious, here is a 5 min gameplay footage video which illustrates what this version is about.

It’s now time to take stock of this “release”. Most feedback were positive saying that the game looks “promising”. All of them pointed out that the concept of making your own land from “shards” works really well. On the other hand, they also pointed out that it’s hard to understand what the game is about and what it will look like at the end as large parts of the gameplay are still missing.

In the meantime, we also came to the conclusion that we absolutely need a trailer. Our website homepage is not enough anymore. On platforms such as or GameJolt, a short video explaining what the game is about is really missing. However, to do so, we need to show what the player will be able to do on the worldmap, not only the city-building like the demo.

These are the reasons why we have decided to focus now on the development of the worldmap. And that’s why we have been a bit silent recently on social media. As we don’t like to share things which are too preliminary, it’s recently hard to find something to post (unless you want to see boring screenshots of lines of code in C#). But we will try share with you some work in progress, even if it looks a bit “rough” to us, it can be actually interesting for those of you who are interested in game development.

To conclude, we will later release another free version of the game which will include the worldmap and its main features. However, for now, we have no way to tell you when we it will be released. Once it’s more clear for us, we will update our roadmap and make a new announcement.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your feedback. Please continue to follow us, we hope you will enjoy what’s coming next.

Demo is out!


Myriads: Renaissance first DEMO

After months of development, we’re happy to share the first demo of Myriads: Renaissance with you!

The game is still under development and the demo only covers the city building and management part. You will be in charge of a capital-island. Manage its resources and population, and develop it by aggregating island’s shards of various biomes and sizes.

If you have any kind of critic, advice or if you find a bug, please contact us or leave a comment on IndieDB. All feedback are welcome!


We have setted up an IndieDB page. For now there is only a single article introducing the game but we hope to feed it more frequently with some progress reports and articles describing the game mechanics. And a demo version of course…

If you are curious, click here or on the logo below.
Myriads: Renaissance Windows game