Development update: v1.0.0 last polish and Steam API.

We are ready to release a new and probably last version of the Myriads: Renaissance demo (apart from bug fixes)! This version focuses mostly on adding the Steam API to the game and fixing various bugs which have been reported to us. The Steam API is however disabled in the demo.

Major changes:

Steam (disabled in the demo):

*add steam achievements

*add steam cloud saving

*save folders are no longer shared amongst different steam users on a same computer

Bug fixes:

*make saving process more robust

*fix fight bug leading to rare events of save corruption

*prevent faulty fights from corrupting save

*fix bug leading to armies not being able to exchange regiments when both are full

*fix GUI rescale for very wide resolutions

*fix a rare occurrence of misplacement of the Tech button during the unlock first tech tutorial

*fix bug leading to not being able to recruit the settler ship during the tutorial when the shipyard has been destroyed

*skip Add shard tutorial if the player has already extended his capital island

*fix bug leading to a rare event of freeze of the screen at the end of a fight if the army lost all its troops due to gold shortage

*update gold shortage automatic disband

*make the game more robust with respect to freezes

*cancelling a building now refreshes the production queue display

*update various texts and outdated pictures in the help panels

*fix crane mesh update bug when destroying warehouses and storehouses

*when there are not enough citizens, the automatic destruction of buildings now selects one randomly. Farms and warehouses are excluded

If you missed the info, we’ve also announced that the game will release on Steam on 1st June. We’re on time, everything we wanted to implement is implemented and we still have some time to do some debug. Hence if you find a bug or have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment on our steam community hub We read and reply to everything.

And don’t forget to wishlist the game, so you’ll be notified when we release the game!

In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter for more frequent news: @MyriadsRGame. We oftenly tweet about the progress we make in development.

If you did not try the demo yet and are interested in, it is available on: