Development update: v0.8.0 High scores and Modes update.

We are ready to release a new version of the Myriads: Renaissance demo! This version focuses on adding high scores and additional game modes. Unfortunately these 2 features won’t be unlocked in the demo as they require the player to beat the game first.

However, we’ve implemented many features/twiks which were suggested to us during the GRound playtest. Let’s have a look of what we’ve added to the game:

Major changes:

High scores and Modes:

*add a score panel on victory

*add high scores panel to main menu

*add Sailor mode which unlock after the player defeats Catena for the first time. In this mode, the player can’t build towers but all upkeeps are divided by 2.

*add Builder mode which also unlock after the player defeats Catena for the first time. In this mode, the player can only own a single galleon but towers’ cost is divided by 3.


*update the design of the ship path print

*add a button to clean all non important events

*remove a shield symbol duplicate and add 2 more symbols

*rename difficulty to Normal/Hard/Very Hard

*add a tooltip explaining why a technology can’t be unlocked

*add notification for inactive ships on the Ships panel button

*add all remaining quests


*can now open the game menu at the beginning of the tutorial

*can now quit the game at the beginning of the tutorial

*add arrows to various tutorial pages to point out what the tutorial is talking about

*make various tutorial sentences more understandable

*reorganise and simplify the research help panel

*add a tower help panel

Capital Island:

*add pop animation for shards surrounding the capital island

*add Palace which “produces” a small amount of score every turn

*add Business school, Engineering school and Agricultural college


*change normal raider’s mesh so that’s it’s different from the one’s which are part of a wave

*add manors which “produces” a small amount of score every turn

*towers now boost any ship engage in a battle on a adjacent hexagon

*gunpowder depots now boost any ship engage in a battle in the archipelago

*add the possibility to deploy mines on any owned strait. Mines deal damage to any ship ending its movement on the strait and are then destroyed.

*add a 3rd lair popping wave and delay the apparition of Catena’s main island only after all these lairs are destroyed

Bug fixes:

*fix various GUI misalignment

*fix various typos

*fix various minor tutorial bugs

*fix ordering of towers animation which sometimes leads to animation being not in sync with army movement

Note that previous save files will be lost.

If you missed the info, we’ve also announced that the game will release on Steam on 1st June. We’re on time, everything we wanted to implement is implemented and the next time the demo updates, it should be an update to version 1.0.0. This update won’t add anything to the demo as what’s missing now to the game is only Steam related, i.e. cloud saving and achievements.

If you find a bug or have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment on our steam community hub We read and reply to everything.

Don’t forget to wishlist the game, so you’ll be notified when we release the game!

In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter for more frequent news: @MyriadsRGame. We oftenly tweet about the progress we make in development.

And if you did not try the demo yet and are interested in, it is available on: