Development update: G.Round playtest feedback

Between December 29th and January 25th, Myriads was on G.Round for a month-long playtest with a 120 turns extended demo. Thanks to the G.Round staff, the playtest was a success and we got more than 140 reviews from people across the world. This is much more than we expected given the genre of our game.

In general the players enjoyed playing the game and praised how unique the gameplay is. Many found the game mechanics to be well introduced. Many of them also found the game difficult on the first playthrough but easier on the second. We designed Myriads to be an “easy to learn-hard to master” kind of game, and it seems like we succeeded. 

If you’re interested in reading the reviews, most of them are public and available here:

Many players also suggested things we could change to make Myriads even better. Most of them are already implemented and tested in our working build. Here is a non exhaustive list:

*adding a tooltip explaining why a technology can’t be unlocked

*update normal raider’s mesh so that it’s different from the one’s which are part of a wave

*add a button to clean all non important events

*add help panel, rewrite some

*add a tutorial page explaining the ships movement

*fix various minor GUI/Tutorial bugs.

Amongst the things suggested to us that we’ll add to the game soon:

*towers will boost the attack of all ships engaged in a battle around it

*in general we’ll add an attack bonus system which will depend on the island (biome, if there is a lighthouse or not, …)

*the tug will be able to build something on any island which will hinder any ship passing on it. This feature will work very well in combination with the towers.

As Myriads is our first game, we also decided to use this playtest as a “stress-test”, in order to see how stable the game is on a larger scale. Very few players actually experienced bugs and that comforted us that we’ll be ready to release the game in the coming months.

Finally we’d like to thank the G.Round staff and all the players who tested the game and provided such great feedback to us!

If you did not try the demo yet and are interested in, it is available on:



Any feedback is welcome, feel free to leave a comment on our steam community hub

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