Development update: v0.7.3 Difficulty and balancing update.

We are ready to release a new version of the Myriads: Renaissance demo! This version focuses on balancing the difficulty of the game. It also adds a shield customisation which we’re quite proud of.

Major changes:

*Adds difficulty setting when creating the faction: easy, normal and hard. The setting changes the heat/turn, ie. how fast the enemies grow. Hence, once set, the difficulty can’t be changed for a given save.

*Balances enemies growth and tower damages.

*Removes tower gold upkeep and increases their construction cost.

*Uniformises mouse control in capital and map views.

*Tunes mouse at edge scrolling.

*Adds a way to close most events by right clicking on the icon.

*Adds shield customisation when creating the faction.

*Prepares the implementation of the game modes.

*Adds production overflow.

*Adds the Merchant guild which turns unused production into gold.

*Adds the Fortress which boosts all the towers’ damage.

*Removes size 5 archipelagos. We decided to remove them as they were too small and could be annoying for the player.

*Adds the Gunpowder depot which can be built in a defence colony. The depot boosts the damage of all the towers in the colony.

*Reorganises the tech tree.

*Adds Era 3 techs.

Note that previous save files will be lost.

Now that the end game is implemented and the game difficulty is balanced, we’ll focus on adding content to add diversity and a bit of replayability to the game. In particular we’re planning to add alternative game modes which will be unlocked once the player finishes the game for the first time. For instance, in the “builder” mode, the towers will cost less but the player will only be able to own a single galleon.

In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter for more frequent news: @MyriadsRGame. We oftenly tweet about the progress we make in development.

If you did not try the demo yet and are interested in, it is available on:



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