Development update: comeback

Hello everyone!

We are finally back after 2 years! We did not stop developing Myriads, we stopped showing our progress (on twitter or elsewhere) because we don’t like to share something preliminary. And as we are only two people working on the game, things take time. We actually worked very hard implementing the second part of the game, the worldmap, and we will soon be ready to share a new demo version.

The demo will cover the early game stage of the game and will be limited to 80 turns (about 2 hours of gameplay). If you are curious and can’t wait for it to be released, here is a 5 min gameplay footage video.

Many things have changed since the release of the first demo 2 years ago. We won’t list all the changes as it would be far too long but here is a list of the most important game-design related ones:

*a simplified population and resource system for the capital island city-building.

*a whole new procedurally generated worldmap to explore, featuring archipelagos of floating islands.

*a colony system allowing to produce resources outside of the player’s capital island adding a new way to deal with the lack of space.

*enemies for the player to deal with using the ships he built on the capital island or defense towers built at strategic locations.

*a research tree divided into 3 eras (only the first one is available in the demo).

*a new tutorial.

In addition we added many animations to make the game more lively and appealing (clouds, flying ships of various sizes, lighthouses, islands/buildings pop, …). We also added music to the game using a procedurally generated music asset developed by marma music (check out his work at and completed the sound design (mostly using the sound assets of cafofo:

We are currently polishing the new demo. Once everything is ready we will release the demo on and steam. In the meantime, please continue to follow us and we hope you will enjoy what’s coming next.