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Myriads: Renaissance is a turn-based strategy game with city-building and 4X mechanics. Set in a fantasy world made up of thousands of floating islands, you must grow your capital and expand your kingdom. Resist waves of powerful corsairs and construct defence towers to survive their incursions.


“Gather shards to grow your island the way you want.”
Grow your capital and manage its resources using city building mechanics. Are your citizens starving? Attach a wetland shard and build a farm. Do you need to raise an army? Mine gold from your lone mountain shard or trade goods for gold. But be careful, space is limited and you won’t be able to extend your island indefinitely.
“Explore a broken world, drifting in the wind.”
Travel into a procedurally generated world and explore archipelagos of floating islands. Send your armies to discover lost secrets or loot ancient treasure. Claim new territory and establish new colonies. But be careful, the more you explore, the more attention you draw to yourself.
“Conquer and colonise, exploit and trade.”
Your capital can only support so much weight; in order to keep growing you will need to expand your territory again and again. Does your capital consume more food than it can produce? Send a settler ship to establish a new agricultural colony. Do you need more gold in order to recruit more troops? Build and manage a network of trading posts. But with great power comes great responsibility: can you defend your burgeoning kingdom?
“Defend yourself against a mighty enemy.”
The enemy’s corsairs roam the skies, raiding and killing any who oppose them. Construct defence towers to protect your colonies from their incursions. Send out your galleons to destroy corsair lairs, freeing the archipelagos from your enemy’s rule. But be prepared to face its full might!
“Gather lost secrets and ancient knowledge to develop new technologies.”
New technologies will even the playing field against your enemy. Are your citizens struggling with a lack of space? Use the lost secrets your armies found to increase your islands’ maximum size, or unlock powerful units to conquer more colonies. Your enemy has long been stagnant, confident in its superiority. It’s time for that to change.